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  • What is amino acid?
    What is amino acid?
    Amino acids are organic compounds containing alkaline amino and acidic carboxyl groups. A compound formed by replacing the hydrogen atom on the carbon atom of a carboxylic acid with an amino group.Amino acids are usually colorless crystals with a melting point exceeding 200 ℃, which is much higher t   Read More>
  • How to quickly whiten the skin within a month Ingredients? Kojic Acid
    Kojic acid is a chemical produced by different types of fungi. It is also a by-product of fermented soy sauce and rice wine.Kojic acid is sometimes used in the food industry as a natural preservative. However, one of the main uses of kojic acid is in certain health and cosmetics. In this article, we   Read More>
  • What is arbutin?
    What is arbutin?
    The role of Arbutin, also known as arbutin, is an ingredient extracted from bearberry leaves of Rhododendronaceae. It can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the body and prevent the formation of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigmentation and removing spots. And freckles, as well as bactericidal,   Read More>
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