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Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Appearance: white crystalline powder
Cas No:7758-29-4
EINECS No: 231-838-7
Molecular Formula: Na5P3O10
Molecular Weight:367.86
2 Sodium tripolyphosphate, also known as pentasodium phosphate, sodium pyrometaphosphate, STPP, pentasodium tripolyphosphate. White powder crystal, good fluidity, relative molecular mass 367.Chemicalbook86, melting point 622°C, easily soluble in water, its aqueous solution is alkaline. It is often used in food as moisture retention agent, quality improver, pH regulator, and metal chelating agent.

Sodium tripolyphosphate is a detergent builder with excellent performance, and it is also the most used component in the detergent production process.

Sodium tripolyphosphate can increase the tenderness of meat, and can also be used as a food improver for fish products and a clarifier for beverages.

It is used as a high-efficiency water softener for cooling water treatment in power stations, rolling stock, boilers and chemical fertilizer plants.

Sodium tripolyphosphate is used in detergent, as an auxiliary agent, soap synergist and to prevent bar soap from crystallization and blooming, industrial water softener, leather pre-tanning agent, dyeing auxiliary agent, oil well dredging control agent, paper making Oil stain preventive agent, effective dispersant for suspension treatment of paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, etc.

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