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Appearance: white crystalline powder
Cas No:7531-52-4
EINECS No: 231-397-0
Molecular Formula:C5H10N2O
Molecular Weight:114.15
  • Cas No:7531-52-4

  • Soleado


L-prolinamide is a white powdery solid, easy to absorb moisture, soluble in water, methanol, ethanol and other solvents, the solubility in ethyl acetate is soluble at high temperature, slightly soluble at low temperature, and can be recrystallized with EA.

L-prolinamide can be used as a raw material for health products, pharmaceutical intermediates, and vildagliptin intermediate products. In addition, it is also an important optically active pyrrole derivative, which can directly catalyze the Chemicalbook asymmetric Robinson cyclization reaction, Aldol reaction, etc. , is an important intermediate in peptide synthesis, and can also be used as a chiral intermediate to synthesize some chiral drugs.

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