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Appearance: transparent liquid
Cas No:59227-89-3
EINECS No: 261-668-9
Molecular Formula:C18H35NO
Molecular Weight:281.48
  • Cas No:59227-89-3

  • Soleado


Azone is an organic compound, denoted by the chemical formula C18H35NO, which cannot be dissolved in water but can dissolve in ethanol, ether, acetone, and benzene.

The oil-soluble azone variant has been transformed into a water-soluble version with high efficacy. This modified product promotes transdermal penetration of lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs and active ingredients. It causes the stratum corneum of the skin to interact with lipids, lower the effective phase transition temperature of the substance to the lipid in the stratum corneum gap, enhance fluidity and reduce the diffusion resistance of drugs or active additives in the stratum corneum to significantly promote penetration. 

To use this product, it is necessary to shake well and heat it as it is a cloudy liquid at room temperature. This product is an excellent skin penetration accelerator applicable to both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. It works as a significant synergistic hyperosmotic agent in the pesticide industry and is also suitable for the printing, dyeing, and oil exploration sectors.

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