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Iron Amino Acid Chelate for feed additive

Iron Amino Acid Chelate for feed additive
Model: Feed grade amino acid chelated Iron
Min order: 1ton
Color: Iron Amino Acid Chelate for feed additive褐色
Download:  Feed Grade Amino Acid ChelatesDownload
Product Description:
Iron-Amino Acid Chelate  Feed Grade
Iron is an element of oxidase, existed in such as hemoglobin, myoglobin and cytochrome. It has the close relationship with hematopoietic function, works in oxygen transport, and  intracellular bio-oxidation process. If animals suffer from iron deficiency,     mitochondrial and microsomal of liver cells and other cells will become abnormal, content of microsomal cytochrome will decrease, protein synthesis and energy utilization will be blocked, animals will suffer from anemia, dry hair and rough skin, and the weight will be in a loss.                
Appearance Light brown powder
Moisture ≤ 5%
Total amino acid ≥25%
Organic iron ≥ 10%
Pb ≤ 10ppm
As ≤ 5ppm
2. Main Function:
2.1 To prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also provide essential amino acids for the animal. 
2.2 To increase suckling pig hemoglobin content,  improve hemoglobin levels, and promote skin rosy.
2.3 To enhance the immunity of animals, promote animal to gain weight and grow.
To all the poultry ,livestock and so on.
 4. Proposed usage:
Application Object Dosage
Sow Plus this product 1000g per ton of complete feed
Suckling/weaned piglets Plus this product 400-500g per ton of complete feed
Growing-finishing pigs Plus this product 400-500g per ton of complete feed
Laying hens/broilers/turkeys Plus this product 200-300g per ton of complete feed
Dairy/beef 10g/head/day
Calf/horse 2g/head/day
Aquatic animals Plus this product 300-500g per ton of complete feed
Note: Dosage shall be magnified according to the proportion if the product is used in the concentrated feed or premix instead of complete feed.  The specific dosage can be adjusted according to the animal breed and stage characteristics.
5.Package and Storage:
5.1  20kg/bag,10kg/bag (Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside)
5.2  Please seal it tightly in cool and dry enviroment.

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