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Zinc Amino Acid Chelate for feed addtive

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate for feed addtive
Model: Feed grade Amino acid chelated Zinc
Min order: 1ton
Color: Zinc Amino Acid Chelate for feed addtive浅黄色
Product Description:
Zinc-Amino Acid Chelate  Feed Grade
Zinc is an element of a variety of enzymes or activators. It plays an important role in DNA synthesis, nucleic acid and protein metabolism, eliminating carbon dioxide in the blood and calcification process. But also can improve humoral and cellular immunity of animal. Molecular structure of amino acid chelated zinc is similar to the formulation of zinc in the body. So it can be absorbed freely by small intestine and appendix cells , saving physical fitness and improve feed utilization.
1.Quality Specification:
Appearance Light yellow powder
Moisture ≤ 5%
Total amino acid ≥25%
Organic zinc ≥10%
Pb ≤ 10ppm
As ≤ 5ppm
2.Main Function:
2.1 Our amino acid chelated Zinc can provide both organic zinc element and a variety of amino acids. It has the advantages such as  high  biological performance, significantly improving growth, enhancing immune function ,promoting fur growth and the ability of anti-stress animals.  
2.2 With our amino acid chelated zinc, feeding egg poultry can increase 10% egg production, improve eggshell quality; feeding meat poultry, can improve growth performance and increase bone zinc deposition, can increase more than 5% weight gain, reduce 10% feed consumption; feeding breeder, can improve rate of survival and hatching . 
2.3 With our amino acid chelated zinc, feeding beef cattle, can increase 8% weight gain and 8% efficiency ;feeding cows, can increase more than 5% milk production. In addition, amino acid chelated zinc also can reduce incidence of foot rot of beef cattle and cows. 
2.4 With our amino acid chelated zinc, feeding piglets, can   enhance resistance to disease, reduce piglet diarrhea , increase 3-6% growth rate and  2-8% feeding conversion ; feeding finishing pigs, can increase more than  3.5% feeding conversion; and feeding sows, can improve their  reproductive performance.
To all the poultry and livestock
Application Object Dosage
Poultry Plus this product 300 ~ 400g per ton of complete feed
Cattle and sheep Plus this product 500 ~ 700g per ton of complete feed
Pig Plus this product 300 ~ 500g per ton of complete feed
5.Package and Storage:
5.1  20kg/bag,10kg/bag.(Kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside)
5.2  Please seal it tightly in cool and dry environment.

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