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Iron Amino Acid Chelate Organic Fertilizer

Iron Amino Acid Chelate Organic Fertilizer
Model: Amino acid chelated Iron Organic Fertilizer
Unit: kg or ton
Min order: 1 ton
Product Description:
Iron is an es sen tial c h e mical ele ment for the p la nt n ut rit ion as it i nt ervenes dir ect ly and i ndire ctly in t he for mation of t he c hlo r o p h yll (pho tos y n t h esis) and it is ingr e di ent of sever al a mino ac ids a nd pr oteins. Ir on ta kes part in t he for mation of e nzy mes, (ie Cat alas e, r edu ctase a nd perox ida se), indis pens ab le to t he cell metabo lism Its presence is basic for t he catal yst of bre at hi ng pro cess es.
A mino a cids t he mselves are i ndi s p e nsa ble for pl a nts, amino acids chela ted tr ace e l e ments are so lub le and m ore easily to be ab s orb ed by plants. Expe r i men ts prove t hat the e ffect of t race ele ment-a mino ac id ch ela tion fert ilizer is be tter t han that of i no rganic trace e l e ment fert ili zer ob vi ousl y.

1.   Qual ity Spe cifica tion
Appearance Dark yellow powder
Solubility 100% water soluble
Moisture Less than 5%
Total amino acid More than 25%
Organic iron More than 10%
2.   Ma in fu nc ti ons
a)    Q uickly s up pl e me nt iron eleme nt f or cr o ps, w hi ch has g o od e ffe cts f or crop disea ses caus ed by iron def ici e n c y.
b)    This i ron a m ino ac id c h ela te o rganic fer tilizer c an renova te c hlo r opl ast stru ctur e, acce lerate t he rate of for mation of c hlo r o p h yll, i mprove p hotos ynt hes is, pro mote ro ot grow t h.
c)    Pr o mpting da rk gr een le a ves h ypertr oph y, incr ease pro duc ti o n, i ncr ease fruit s s ug ar co nte nt a nd pro mote harv est.
3.   Scope
For many crops, e spe cia lly for iron-s ensi tive crop s, s uch as citru s, st rawberr y, app le, bean s, fl a x, so r ghu m, grap e, mint, soybe ans, Sud an grass, fruit trees s eed ling s, veget ab les a nd wa lnu t. W he at crops can i ncrea se yield 10% af ter using iron. Other crops such as rice, so y be ans, a p ples, ve get abl es, gre en p ep pe r, c ott o n, pe a n uts, can gain a hi g her yield after usi ng iro n.
4.   Usage
a)    Proposed dosage
Method of use Dosage
Spray 1~2kg/acre., 800~1000 times of dilution
Drip irrigation 3~5kg/acre, 200~300 times of dilution
Base fertilizer 10~15kg/acre
b)    Mix it with pestic i des, whi ch wi ll enh an ce the fu nc ti on with ea ch ot he r.
c)    Please s pray it before 10am or after 4pm so t hat t he pl ant will h ave t he best ab s orp ti o n. d)    Please re-spr ay it if the ra in co mes in 2 h ours afte r.
e)    Rep eat tre a t ment du ri ng t he growi ng s eas on a ccor di ng to the a gric ul tural a nd n utri ti onal n eeds.
5.   Pack a ge and storage
a)    2 0 kg / b a g, 1 0k g/ b ag
b)    Please ke ep s eal ed and store in a dry pla ce.
Technique parameter:
Appearance Dark yellow powder
Solubility 100% water soluble
Moisture Less than 5%
Total amino acid More than 25%
Organic iron More than 10%

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