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Compound amino acid-amino acid fertilizer


As the amino acid powder of ammonium type, the compound amino acid power is rich in 17 amino acids, with total nitrogen of 18%, containing both inorganic and organic nitrogen, which therefore has both long-term and short-term effects on plant growth, and it is the main raw material for amino acid foliar fertilizer, and can be applied to crops as water flush fertilizer, base fertilizer and early fertilizer. It can remarkably promote yield, improve the quality of crops, reduce pesticide residue, increase utilization ratio of fertilizers and enhance photosynthesis of plants. Through its complexation (chelation) with metal ions, it can effectively facilitate plants to fully absorb and utilize essential trace elements (copper, iron, molybdenum, magnesium, zinc, boron and calcium); in particular, the amino acids it contains can greatly raise the activity of biological enzymes, promote the permeation of carbon dioxide, effectively increase the content of protein and sugar, and accelerate the synthesis of chlorophyll. With the action of protein, glucoamylase and organic matter contained in amino acids, biological strains have adequately mitigated the hardening of soil, effectively reduced soil-borne diseases within the soil and promptly prevented the crops’ diseases, including plant death, rot and continuous cropping. In the meantime, the product does no harm to beneficial insects such as earthworms, and is a new type of quality and efficient fertilizer which is green, ecological, and organically environment-friendly.