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Why to use amino acid powder as fertilizer


1. Amino acids themselves are plant nutrient.

Just like amino acids are indispensable to human and animals, they are also necessary nutrition ingredients for plants’ growth. Without them, the plants can not grow normally either. Therefore their function to supplement the nutrition to plants can not be underestimated.


2. Amino acids have wonderful effect on promoting the plants’ photosynthesis.

Thanks to the characteristics of some amino acids themselves, they have peculiar effect on promoting the plants’ photosynthesis. Especially Glycine, it can increase the content of chlorophyll in plants, advance the activity of Enzyme and promote the penetration of the CO2, thus make the photosynthesis more exuberant. This is important to advance the corps’ quality and increase the content of Vc and sugar.


3. Amino acids are effective adjusters of plants growth.

The plants’ growth and development need various nutrients and ingredients. Their quantity, portion absorbed by the plants and their balance, have great effect on the plants’ growth, directly matter the quality of the plants’ fruits. Amino acids are just effective solution ingredients to this problem. Spraying or irrigating amino acid liquid fertilizer could increase the various required nutrients in the plants’ body, intensify the accumulation of the ingredients and speed of the transfer from roots or leaves to other parts of the plants, adjust the portion and balance of the ingredients, trace elements and nutrients, thus adjust the plants’ growth and development.


4. Amino acids are strong complexion agents

N,P and K elements, and trace elements like Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B, and Mo are necessary material for plants.  Some symptoms of lack of some elements often appear in plants. Amino acids can make chelation reaction with elements which is difficult to dissolve, have the protection effect on the elements and produce the chelates which are soluble and easy to be absorbed by plants.