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Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer

The advantage of amino acid chelated microelements organic fertilizer

What is chelation and What is the chelate?
Chelation  describes  a  particular  way  that  ions  and  molecules  bind  metal  ions.  According  to  the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), chelation involves the formation or presence of two or more separate coordinate bonds between a polydentate (multiple bonded) ligand and a single central atom. Usually these ligands are organic compounds, and are called chelants, chelators, chelating agents, or sequestering agents. Chela, is the claw of a crab, it is a metaphor that the central atom is clamped by two claws of the crab.
Chelates are more stable than common complexes, thanks to their five or six-member ring structure. This molecular structure minimizes the interactions between the minerals and the external environment. They are all very small molecules, so it can be absorbed by plants like small nitrogen    molecules . The cells also have the ability to decomposit the chelates and obtain minerals thereof.

Chelates can be obtained by synthesis or formed by nature. For example, chlorophyll is a nature chelate. The amino acid chelates produced by Soleado Technology Co. Ltd have similar chemical structures with the chelates naturally produced in plants, animal and human.
The advantage of applying mineral chelates is to prevent the adverse interactions or antagonism   between minerals or trace elements. The antagonism often occurs in solution, soil and even in the surface of leaves, in these cases the plants can not obtain non-chelated minerals.

Metal-Amino acid chelates organic fertilizers are specially designed for plants. Their unique is that they are composed of minerals and amino acids by chelation. The amino acids are basic substances of protein and therefore they are natural molecules in vivo.

Wuhan Soleado Technology Co Ltd applies natural amino acids to chelate minerals, so they can quickly be absorbed, transformed and metabolized by the plant, animal and human,.

The advantage of amino acid chelated microelements organic fertilizer:
1.    Not easy to be fixed in soil, 100% soluble in water
2.    Very stable, not dissociable
3.    Prevent the antagonism between trace elements or micro minerals
4.    Enhance nutrients absorption rate by more than 20% or even 30%
5.    Very stable effect, high efficiency and environment  friendly
6.    Can be mixed with any other fertilizers without chemical reaction, not reducing any other fertilizer’s effect.